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RT @MariskadeHaas: Blijf me verbazen over collega-journalisten: aborteren onschuldige baby's is grootste recht en doodstraf zware criminele…

RT @MariskadeHaas: @Nieuwsuur ik als (te?) mondige vrouw ben juist heel blij met vrouw-vriendelijke SGP: pro-gezin,pro-leven en barmhartig…

Petra Stienen (d66) retweeted @seyyedreza :

RT @seyyedreza: I still can't believe the fact that Pete Buttigieg's last name is Arabic hasn't become more common knowledge over the last…

Petra Stienen (d66) retweeted @KimGhattas :

RT @KimGhattas: We talked about very serious stuff but we also had a laugh. Thanks @Trevornoah for having me on @TheDailyShow to talk about…

RT @BUnlimitedDH: Markha Valenta: "There is real divide amongst people about how we should imagine America"