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The Labour MP for the Cynon Valley constituency

Dit kan een incomplete lijst zijn. Als je denkt dat we iemand missen, stuur ons de naam, land/provincie, politieke partij en positie die ze hebben of waar ze kandidaat voor zijn en uiteraard het Twitter account. Bedankt!

Ann Clwyd (Labour) retweette @Agitcheviz :

RT @Agitcheviz: RT @Agitcheviz: No comment ◽◽◽

Ann Clwyd (Labour) retweette @NLWales :

RT @NLWales: To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay some of our staff have chosen women that have made an impression on them because they #ChooseToChallenge. Here, Rob Phillips from the @WelshPolArch explains why @AnnClwyd is to be admired for challenging the status quo:

Ann Clwyd (Labour) retweette @cmcurran21 :

RT @cmcurran21: The Red Book of Hergest (Oxford, Jesus College MS 111, here f. 6r) is one of the most important manuscripts that contains Welsh poetry and prose, incl. the Mabinogion. It also served as the inspiration for JRR Tolkien's Red Book of Westmarch. You can see it now at #BODTolkien

Ann Clwyd (Labour) tweette :

So the Saudi Princess Latifa # is still captive so what is the UK govn going to do & the Queen who is a buddy of her Saudi father?

Ann Clwyd (Labour) retweette @GregLabour :

RT @GregLabour: RT @GregLabour: Rally for Tower, 1993 (via Tyrone O'Sullivan)

Ann Clwyd (Labour) retweette @AnnClwyd :

RT @AnnClwyd: RT @AnnClwyd: Not a lot! The waiting for a vaccine game is trying-particularly as the vaccine rollout is patchy.The death rates are chillin…

Ann Clwyd (Labour) beantwoordde @AnnClwyd :

Is the basis of allocation on population correct? I am told there is a higher % of 80 plus in Wales! Rolling out the vaccine urgently 24/7 must be the priority.Those of us who have been ‘shielding’ for so long want action! Best wishes in your endeavours Ann Clwyd

Ann Clwyd (Labour) tweette :

@_Nadhim I wrote to Boris last week re shareout of the Vaccine between countries of the UK. I understand its done on a population basis. I do of course have a vested interest aged 83 & Welsh. If I was still with my London GP she says I would have had the jab before Xmas!

Ann Clwyd (Labour) tweette :

To our shame that Iraqui interpreters who served us with such bravery