Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey. SNP Spokesperson for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy at Westminster Email:

Dit kan een incomplete lijst zijn. Als je denkt dat we iemand missen, stuur ons de naam, land/provincie, politieke partij en positie die ze hebben of waar ze kandidaat voor zijn en uiteraard het Twitter account. Bedankt!

RT @ScottTaylorSNP: @drewhendrySNP and @AlanBrownSNP have led the campaign at Westminster to support renewables and jobs. It’s time now we get more SNP MPs to stand up for Scotland!

RT @ScottTaylorSNP: As Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath's MP, I'd follow @drewhendrySNP & @AlanBrownSNP, who have endorsed me, in demanding the UK stops squandering our future. With the polls for candidate selection closing Friday, please get in touch, join me in winning back this seat and #VoteScottTaylor

RT @ScottTaylorSNP: This morning’s UKGov ‘energy auction’ shows why the UK is not working for Scotland and especially not for Fife. Despite offshore wind being a third cheaper than gas and half the price of the Hinckley C nuclear plant, Westminster rules prevent firms like BiFab reaping the benefits

Perfect night to catch a rare sight of Mars in the Highland night sky. Visible for while to the naked eye for a while, which is a treat in itself, but definitely one of those times you wish you had a really good telescope

RT @BizforScotland: RT @BizforScotland: Would it be difficult for an independent Scotland set up its own currency?…

#UKgov #EU #Brexit import guidance for January. A TEN page flow chart. ◽

RT @AlbertoNardelli: NEW: The Conservatives have started to sketch out plans to avoid a second Scottish independence referendum, with a memo circulating among a select group of people, including Michael Gove…

RT @CatalansForYes: MAJOR BREAKING: Hundreds of thousands protest in Barcelona and across Catalonia to demand the release of the political prisoners.