Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Dit kan een incomplete lijst zijn. Als je denkt dat we iemand missen, stuur ons de naam, land/provincie, politieke partij en positie die ze hebben of waar ze kandidaat voor zijn en uiteraard het Twitter account. Bedankt!

RT @andrew_lilico: If you fancy a taste of how crazed, illiberal, historically-illiterate, anti-British & anti-American much of twitter is, take a look at the quote-tweets to this. (But I warn you - you will need a strong stomach.)

British beef: now available in the USA.…

RT @DefenceHQ: 🦃 Happy #Thanksgiving to our American allies across the pond and stationed in the UK! Our 🇬🇧 Armed Forces have a long history of working side by side with our 🇺🇸 counterparts across the globe. For that we are thankful 👍 @UKinUSA @UKdefUS @DeptofDefense @USAinUK

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweette :

"Laws may be changed, to be sure, but the burden of proof always lies on those who wish to change them; for the mere past and present existence of that which is established serves as a weighty argument in its favor." Wisdom from the father of Anglican theology, Richard Hooker.

RT @MichelleLStyles: @DanielJHannan 3 of the earliest known human names are connected to slavery En-Pap-X and Sukkalgir owned by Gal-Sal, from a Uruk cunneform tablet.…

RT @DanielJHannan: Slavery was practised by Sumerians, Assyrians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Chinese, Mongols, Polynesians, Arabs, Africans, Aztecs and Incas. The question is not who started slavery - it predates civilization - but who ended it.

RT @jaynordlinger: Do you know what Maradona said, reflecting on "The Goal of the Century"? "I don't think I could have done it against any other team [than England], because they all used to knock you down. They [England] are probably the noblest in the world." cc: @DanielJHannan

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@tomhfh It seems likely that we will eventually get to above 70 per cent uptake (and thus herd immunity). The question is whether we have to shut everything down until then. Judging by the other replies, a lot of people want the lockdown to last more or less open-endedly.