Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @peterboghossian: Normally if one of the world’s leading scholars and public intellectuals were to call my writing “drivel,” I’d have a crisis of confidence. But regarding my work in grievance studies, I view it as a compliment. Thank you @nfergus

India is the world’s largest democracy and fastest-growing economy. Andrew Scheer knows India’s important to Canada, and is making sure a Conservative government would have a positive, productive relationship with our Indian allies.

I had the opportunity to tour @partitionmuseum, the world’s first museum dedicated to the largest mass human migration and showcasing the effects of the Partition of 1947, a significant part of India’s history.

RT @IQEplc: Back in 1988, Dr Drew Nelson launched his own company. Thirty years on IQE is the world’s biggest epiwafer supplier, with facilities on all three major continents. Real the full article from @compoundsemi here:

RT @tradegovuk: The world’s largest arts festival @edfringe kicks off today. Last year's festival was record-breaking: 🎭 53,232 performances of 3,398 shows 🎤 300 venues 🤡 Sales topped £4.3m 🎶 Audiences surpassed 450,000 #CultureIsGREAT

RT @ErinOTooleMP: Our @CanadianForces are amongst the world’s best & will deploy to Mali with distinction, but the Trudeau government did not bring the mission to the House for debate. I believe our military deserves that from its Parliament. #cdnpoli…