Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @JamesMelville: Billy Connolly:- “Fear of the foreigner is something we’ve got to get over, if the world’s going to become a liveable place. And religious people have to calm down a bit and understand that people think differently and that tolerance is the answer.”

RT @DavidDjward: This week I’ve been at world’s largest 2019 meeting of Transport Ministers with among others Chris Grayling. Constantly asked about Brexit; an Indian delegate said Brexit looks as bad as British partition of India in 1947 for its terrible long term consequences. She wasn’t joking

RT @PhilipHammondUK: The UK is well positioned to grow financial services exports to some of the world’s fastest expanding markets when we leave the EU. This was my message to @TheCityUK this evening.…

RT @FinancialTimes: Martin Wolf: India is due to be the world’s most populous country in the near future and its politics are are increasingly focused on economic performance. This does not guarantee success. But it does make it more likely.