Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @WandileSihlobo: World’s top GRAPEFRUIT exporting countries by quantities in 2018 1. South Africa 2. China 3. Turkey 4. Netherlands 5. Isreal 6. United States 7. Spain 8. Thailand 9. Egypt 10. Mexico (Source: ITC, 2019)

RT @WandileSihlobo: World’s top LEMONS and LIMES exporting countries by quantities in 2018 🍋 1. Mexico 2. Turkey 3. Spain 4. South Africa 🇿🇦 5. Argentina 6. Netherlands 7. United States 8. Brazil 9. Chile 10. Italy (Data source: ITC, 2019)

Sums it up well: “This is an exciting time in our national story. Greater trade with the world’s largest and most dynamic economies, negotiated by a one-nation government with the interests of all four nations of our union in mind. There’s never been a better time to be British.”

Rolf Bjerre (denmark) retweette @kjaerulv :

RT @kjaerulv: Last time, they talked about 'unbreakable', they called it 'the clipper chip' 'Scientists in Scotland help develop world’s first encryption system that is ‘#unbreakable’ by hackers'…

RT @Fact: RT @Fact: Singapore is the world’s most expensive city, followed closely by Paris.

RT @Cop26President: This is essential reading for anyone who cares about climate change. Authored and reviewed by the world’s best scientists.

RT @brian_bilston: For #ValentinesDay2020 here’s what is considered to be the world’s oldest love poem, ‘The Caveman’s Lament’. It is believed to have been written around 1.5 million years ago by a member of the early human species, homo unrequitus.

RT @andrewgregory: Exclusive: Health charities receiving millions of pounds a year from the world’s largest drug companies have been urged by the watchdog to be ‘transparent’ about the cash to ‘protect their integrity’ after an investigation by The Sunday Times.…

RT @spectatorindex: RT @spectatorindex: ECONOMICS: The world’s richest 2,153 people control more wealth than the world's poorest 4.6 billion combined (Oxfam)