Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @rbrooks45: In ⁦@PrivateEyeNews⁩, BlackRock, world’s largest asset manager and employer of ex-chancellor George Osborne, in £200m tax dodging dispute with HMRC -

RT @GuyOpperman: Fantastic time at the world’s northern most cherry producer with @AndrewBowie_MP this week. Huge demand for their fruits across 🇬🇧 and the 🌍. 🎥👇 (Watch till the end 🍓)

Johnson’s misogyny underlined by him hiring the world’s most famous misogynist Tony Abbot after Australia PM Julia Gillard’s most unforgettable speech via @YouTube

RT @ColeMoreton: “Invading migrants”? These are often children, on overcrowded, sinking rubber boats. World’s worst invasion force. Or could it be that these 23 MPs are using the lives of vulnerable, scared, desperate kids for their own political purposes?

RT @adrianmcmenamin: Sitcom idea... Cringebury Park: in which the world’s most saintly man continually and totally accidentally finds himself in embarrassing situations with racists and reacts with bad tempered ill grace and bigoted quips when confronted over it.

Ian Austin (Labour) tweette :

Another nasty conspiracy theorist, lecturing one of the world’s experts on antisemitism about anti-Jewish racism. The arrogance of it! Would he lecture Black people about racism too? He says complaints about antisemitism were a plot to undermine corbyn. What a complete disgrace.

I am delighted to announce a new partnership with some of the world’s foremost pharmaceutical and vaccine companies. This deal will help ensure the UK has the best chance possible of securing a vaccine for COVID-19 that protects those most at risk. ⬇️…

RT @NaomiOhReally: "On a per-head basis, Ireland has a good claim to be the world’s most diplomatically powerful country." The Economist on "an unlikely diplomatic superpower".…

RT @LabourDfID: "The British public are rightly proud of the role we play in supporting some of the world’s poorest." @PreetKGillMP clearly setting out why getting rid of an independent DfID during a global pandemic is irresponsible, counter-productive and wrong.…

RT @lewis_crofts: So, on destroying statues: My favourite story is of the world’s largest Stalin statue (at the time) built in 1955 in a park overlooking Prague. At 15.5m it was an absolute beast & took over 5 years to build. /1