Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Johnson’s misogyny underlined by him hiring the world’s most famous misogynist Tony Abbot after Australia PM Julia Gillard’s most unforgettable speech via @YouTube

Ian Austin (Labour) tweette :

Another nasty conspiracy theorist, lecturing one of the world’s experts on antisemitism about anti-Jewish racism. The arrogance of it! Would he lecture Black people about racism too? He says complaints about antisemitism were a plot to undermine corbyn. What a complete disgrace.

I am delighted to announce a new partnership with some of the world’s foremost pharmaceutical and vaccine companies. This deal will help ensure the UK has the best chance possible of securing a vaccine for COVID-19 that protects those most at risk. ⬇️…

Richard Burden (Labour) tweette :

It was already the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and now the implications of Covid 19 spreading are terrifying. @BBCNawal online briefing with @Caabu yesterday underlined urgent need to step up aid and to redouble international efforts to end the conflict.

Ian Austin (Labour) tweette :

The BBC is the world’s best broadcaster with the best trained, most highly-skilled professional journalists operating to the highest standards of accuracy and impartiality. But look what the silly teenagers running for Labour’s deputy leadership say. Utterly ridiculous.

Jo Johnson (Conservative) tweette :

One of the greatest editors of the world’s leading business news houses - honour to have had a chance to work with @lionelbarber for 13 fabulous years. Tough act to follow!

Poverty rates are higher at 77% in Northern Nigeria, which has some of the world’s worst human development indicators. 1/2

Jon Cruddas (Labour) tweette :

Last week I attended the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning”; the largest fundraising event of the year run by @macmillancancer - why not host a coffee morning of your own to show your support?…

Robert Courts MP (UKMPs) tweette :

Today’s @RoyalAirForce’s 100th anniversary - the World’s first & finest independent Air Force: defending our freedom & setting an example of the finest our country offers. To all the men & women who‘ve served, are serving & will serve - Happy Birthday - & thank you. #RAF100

Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour) tweette :

This afternoon is the launch of OVO Energy Equal Prize Fund for 2018 Women’s Tour - world’s top cyclists compete for equal prize money 13–17 June. Stage by stage, jersey by jersey, the Women’s Tour riders receive exactly same prize money as men’s Tour of Britain @thewomenstour