Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @hughfoy: RT @hughfoy: He really is the World’s Parish Priest!…

RT @dunoongrammar1: We are honoured to have been invited to present at the World’s Biggest Education Conference on the 5th-9th Oct during World Education Week. One of only 100 school from across the globe to have been invited. We will be joined by @ScotEntSchools @abc_OCTF

RT @scotexec: UK infrastructure provided the foundations for the world’s first antibiotic. Now, while nationalists sneer, we’re doing it all again. But better. #BetterTogether

At @bbcworldservice event this morning - “the world’s most trusted international news organisation”. @BBC_PA #CPC19

Sums it up well: “This is an exciting time in our national story. Greater trade with the world’s largest and most dynamic economies, negotiated by a one-nation government with the interests of all four nations of our union in mind. There’s never been a better time to be British.”

RT @HoltorfMed: RT @HoltorfMed: DYK: Over 75% of the world’s population utilizes dietary #supplements. So, does supplement quality matter? Find out: https:…

RT @scotexec: The UK - as one of the world’s largest economies - has made a simply colossal amount of survival funding available. The failure of the Scottish Nationalist Party to pass this on to the people who need it must be investigated. Where *is* the money going?…

RT @brian_bilston: For #ValentinesDay2020 here’s what is considered to be the world’s oldest love poem, ‘The Caveman’s Lament’. It is believed to have been written around 1.5 million years ago by a member of the early human species, homo unrequitus.

RT @peterboghossian: Normally if one of the world’s leading scholars and public intellectuals were to call my writing “drivel,” I’d have a crisis of confidence. But regarding my work in grievance studies, I view it as a compliment. Thank you @nfergus

Small independent countries are the world’s happiest. Just saying.