Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Islamabad is one of the world’s most beautiful & Nature-friendly Capitals in the world! Excellent for outdoor activity: walking, jogging & other forms of exercise!

All in a lighter vein. New in the history of warfare.Two of the world’s largest populated countries,China and India,with the world’s largest nuclear militaries come to pelting stones and landing kicks on the battlefield in Ladakh.Against unarmed Kashmiris and on LOC India

In many ways, Pakistan is a pivotal nation. It is the world’s sixth-most populous country, with 200 million people. It is also nuclear-armed and strategically located next to India, China, Iran and Afghanistan. We a huge youth cohort and the best women! We can do better than this

This power plant at Haveli Bahadur Shah started full production of 1230MW at the world’s highest efficiency rate of 62.5% on 9 May 2018 #RoshanPakistanDelivered…

Ansar Abbasi (pakistan) tweette :

The so-called India’s democracy is actually world’s largest hypocrisy, Malerha Lodhi responds to Shishma. #UNGA…