Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

At @bbcworldservice event this morning - “the world’s most trusted international news organisation”. @BBC_PA #CPC19

Sums it up well: “This is an exciting time in our national story. Greater trade with the world’s largest and most dynamic economies, negotiated by a one-nation government with the interests of all four nations of our union in mind. There’s never been a better time to be British.”

Bob Rae (unknown) tweette :

Meeting Nelson Mandela one of the highlights of my lufe. World’s greatest citizen ! We celebrate his birthday today !

The rural Wairarapa settlement of Tinui hosted the world’s first ANZAC Day service in 1916. This year that will continue online. Tune into the Wairarapa TV Youtube channel from 10.30am to view:…

Sophie Walker (unknown) tweette :

🎉BOOK TOUR NEWS🎉Come and let’s have a chat about how to be an activist and survive. How to rebel when the world’s problems threaten to squash you. How to deal with ‘whataboutery’ - and more. Dates below, link for tix, see you soon!… #fiverulesforrebellion

Clare O'Neil MP (unknown) tweette :

So brilliant to catch up with @MazzucatoM, the world’s coolest economist, in London last week. We chatted innovation policy, reform ideas for Australia, and she gave me a bag with ‘Innovation is Political’ printed on the side which I will cherish forever.

Joe Oliver (unknown) tweette :

Will Cdns blame Liberals for damaging our energy industry with world’s 3rd largest oil reserves? Only if public buys into climate alarmism & ignores that govt policies are costly, ineffective & perversely raise GHG emissions. @nationalpost #joeoliverwrites…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweette :

Happy #Thanksgiving2017 to citizens of the world’s second-greatest country.

Britain First (unknown) tweette :

VIDEO: By 2050, Islam Will Rival Christianity As World’s Dominant Religion!

VIDEO: By 2050, Islam Will Rival Christianity As World’s Dominant Religion! FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS PLEASE LIKE/FOLLOW THIS ACCOUNT