Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @HumanProgress: RT @HumanProgress: In 1816, 0.87% of the world’s population lived in a democracy. In 2015, 56% did.

RT @LukeDCoffey: -world’s 5th largest economy -thriving tech sector -global financial hub -permanent member of UN Security Council -a nuclear power -already trades more outside EU than w/EU -top military in Europe -Commonwealth -5 Eyes & Special Relationship BELIEVE IN YOURSELF BRITAIN! 🇬🇧

RT @BrexitCentral: Why is Britain, the world’s fifth economy and fourth military power, contemplating a form of thraldom that none of the EU’s other neighbours – not Albania or Ukraine, never mind Norway – would dream of accepting? asks @DanielJHannan…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweette :

Happy #Thanksgiving2017 to citizens of the world’s second-greatest country.