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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner


EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @AnnLinde: Sverige är redo att hjälpa Libanon efter explosionerna i Beirut och vi bad omedelbart EU att samordna eventuella insatser. Vår ambassad i Beirut, vars personal är oskadd, är i kontakt med libanesiska myndigheter för mer information.

Nadia Essayan (france) tweette :

Deux énormes explosions ont eu lieu à Beyrouth. Nous prenons des nouvelles de nos proches et de nos amis, très secoués. Beaucoup de blessés et des dégâts matériels très importants. Pauvres libanais ! Toute ma sympathie va vers eux et vers ce pays mortifié qui est aussi le mien !

Klopt, Belgisch nationalisme en EU-(supra)nationalisme vinden zijn top, maar Vlaams-nationalisme is fout: hopeloos hypocriet. 👇🏻

Hans Jansen (EU) retweette @paul2jasper :

RT @paul2jasper: Bono having avoided paying taxes in the EU for a long time and hence also having no stake in the EU budget makes him even more credible! #nostakes #ParadisePapers…

RT @daTARTANSPARTAN: @GailRossSNP SPEAKING THE TRUTH. HIGHLANDS ARE DISPROPORTIONATELY DEPENDENT ON EU CITIZENS. how DARE anyone question NHS staffing in Highlands while advocating for being chained to Brexit Britain.

RT @lexitman: @georgegalloway @talkRADIO I'm Labour, but in this instance, a vote for Labour will be spun as a vote for the EU. The Corbynites aren't standing, they're neoliberal, europhilic Blairites.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Corbyn’s shameful Surrender Bill would require the PM to *immediately* accept *any* extension made by EU irrespective of conditions imposed (incl. 2nd EU ref) Put EU in TOTAL control Lengthy or even indefinite extension Cost UK ~£1b/m Corbyn: Not In Britain's National Interest.

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: The DUP will be using its Opposition Day debate next Tuesday to reiterate our opposition to the needlessly premature EU…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: The Absolute State of this 👇 Emily Thornberry: Labour wants a 2nd referendum Wants Britain to Remain in the EU as the default option Back in the real world... We had a "once in a generation" referendum We voted Brexit Brexit means Exit.

RT @LewisFeilder: EU fishermen take out of UK waters: 🐟 173 times more herring 🐟 45 times more whiting 🐟16 times more mackerel 🐟14 times more haddock & cod than British fishermen do. Today we're introducing a new Fisheries Bill that will change the balance post-Brexit 👍