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RT @TerriStander: SA - we must stand together across divides, in our diversity, to stand for shared values of Freedom, Fairness and O…

Lindy Wilson (DA) retweette @TerriStander :

RT @TerriStander: #EFFManifestoLaunch: all about long live Commander in Chief long live. What about long live freedom, fairness, opportunit…

RT @TerriStander: Pls sign & RT petition to stop gov attempt to limit freedom of speech.… #CensorshipBill #DataMustF…

RT @joshuawongcf: I love Hong Kong. We deserve democracy and freedom. How can Beijing blame us as Rioters?

P. Chidambaram (india) tweette :

Why is freedom being denied to three former CMs of J&K since August 6th? Why are two CMs under virtual solitary confinement and one CM under house arrest? Why are political leaders who fought secessionists and militants locked up?

Congress (india) tweette :

Tiranga is a symbol of our freedom, national pride & history. It is the embodiment of everything our country stands for & the soul of every Indian that stands with it. #HappyIndependenceDay

RT @SajP10: Walthamstow rose today..We rose against Violence.We rose for women..We rose for equality.We rose for freedom @HiboWardere @stel…

martin bosma (pvv) retweette @vdare :

RT @vdare: Marauding African Immigrants storm the #Pantheon in France, demanding "Papers and Freedom for all"

RT @lukewaltham: Great to see #EFFInRobbenIsland and paying respect to all the freedom fighters who were oppressed & suppressed by the evil…

RT @CllrWhitehouse: I'm happy [as usual] to be ready to join @halfon4harlowMP in the trenches in this battle for freedom!…