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@Our_DA Federal Leader, Leader of the Official Opposition: Parliament of RSA. Constitution loving liberal, passionate about RSA and it’s future!


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RT @Ahmad_Shakeel: Shocked by the sad demise of our colleague & Spokesperson of Indian National Congress Shri Rajiv Tyagi. It’s a great loss for all of us. Heartfelt condolences to his family and welwishers. RIP 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

Good luck en-route to sun-lit uplands to all A-level students in Swansea getting their results today! It’s been the toughest of years & we’re all proud of you 💕

RT @redrabbleroz: What utterly disrespectful comments by @AndrewConstance & @markcourelive towards @NSWLabor MP Anoulack Chanthivong. It’s not funny & harks backs to casually racist slurs used against people from culturally diverse backgrounds to belittle & denigrate them #NSWpol

RT @JackMcKelvie: Bill Bowman not mentioning the NHS in Scotland, a common Tory attack line. Maybe it’s because Boris Johnson said today in PMQs that they could take Health powers away from the Scottish Parliament. Not a good look. #bbcdn

RT @JackMcKelvie: The Tories have been found out. They’re deliberately lying to you. They say it’s a conference break and not proroguing, when in fact they have been actively seeking and using the term ‘proroguing’ in the weeks before announcing. They’re at it, and you’re falling for it.…

RT @JackMcKelvie: Another session done ✅. Theresa May has just announced her new Brexit deal and it’s worse than before. Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit so a vote for the SNP is a vote to send a message to London and Brussels that Scotland wants to be an independent country in the EU. #activeSNP

RT @JackMcKelvie: Can’t agree with Mhairi more. The unionist argument is that “we voted No” and “stop going on about it”. It’s painful for people because this argument is a complete insult to the people’s intelligence. It’s a myth. People want a coherent, objective argument for both sides.…

Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweette @LeahGazan :

RT @LeahGazan: #Motion46 in support of a Guaranteed Livable Basic income is TRENDING!!!! Let’s keep the pressure on! It’s time that all individuals in Canada live in dignity!!!! @BasicManitoba @basicincomecdn #NoComradesUnder1k #nocomradesleftbehind @ubi_works

RT @brianlilley: He’s got a gorgeous 5,000 sq ft cottage on a private lake with a fleet of boats. It’s fully secured by the RCMP and he doesn’t bother the locals there. So why is @JustinTrudeau taking his Gatsbyesque life to Ontario’s cottage country? Read & RT #cdnpoli…

RT @MrPhamodi: 2. Examples: It’s NOT an “alleged rape,” BUT an “alleged rapist.” Women are not alleging they were raped, they are alleging that the accused rape them. Similarly, @eNCA: It’s NOT an “alleged hit” taken out on Cheryl Zondi, BUT a “hit allegedly taken out on Cheryl Zondi”.