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Foreign Minister of Pakistan.


Prime Minister of Pakistan

RT @Abq____: Oh my Pakistan. You had the entire occupied Kashmir on toes. Everyone was praying. Only you can do this. Only you can make us feel so down, and then so up the next moment. You don't know the joy that has erupted here. You don't know. #PAKvsAFG

RT @Abq____: Dear Pakistan, Thanks for winning the all important game. Every kid in occupied Kashmir cheered for you. It's not easy for us to. But as long as you keep winning, it's worth it. Living in conflict, these moments mean a lot to our children. Just bring the cup home. #PAKvNZ

RT @newpakistan: RT @newpakistan: #HumanRights deficit wont go away by over sensitivity to criticism #Pakistan…

RT @FaisalJavedKhan: At 9:20 PM Pakistan Time tonight - Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Imran Khan will address the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) iA today via a video link during the afternoon session NY time. #ImranKhanVoiceOfKashmir

RT @KPKUpdates: @ZiaBangashPTI attended National Youth Leadership Expedition Leopardship 2020 organised by Pakistan Volunteers Force (PVF) in Naran and delivered a motivational lecture to the Youth. #KPKUpdates

RT @iamhanify: Terrorists like Ehsanullah Ehsan free in Pakistan, While a human rights peace activists like #HaneefPashteen behind the bar in this country. @a_siab @ManzoorPashteen #ReleaseHaneefPashteen

RT @CngzCsknFan: RT @CngzCsknFan: Are You Ready Pakistan◽◽? #ErtugrulGhazi

RT @CngzCsknFan: Hey #Pakistan🇵🇰 , How many Seasons of Drillis Ertugrul have you watched? And Also subscribe my YouTube channel. #ErtugrulGhazi

RT @raisinganchor: BREAKING | International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) has issued notice to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority that it is no longer allowed to issue licences to pilots, crew or engineers. ICAO has also delayed its inspection to Pakistan and expressed reservations over safety.